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The "Roundpole in Construction" project was part of the European Union Northern Periphery Program, which aims to mitigate the economic and social disadvantages posed by peripherality of communities within the Northern Periphery Zone. The partners were from Scotland, Norway and Finland.


This web site draws together the principles, working methods and finance of the project Roundpole in Construction, that was funded by European Union (ERDF), Regional Council of Lapland, Ministry of Interior, the municipalities of Utsjoki, Inari and Sodankyla and the partner companies (Gaia Research, Gaia Architects and Northwoods Construction, Scotland, Kimmo Kuismanen Architects, Finland and John Kristoffersen Architects, Norway)


The aim of the project was to increase the usage of small dimensioned roundwood in all countries involved in the project. The justification for this was seen in the need to encourage thinnings and more value added uses of small dimensional timber in general. The main issue was to identify potential products that could be developed using this material.


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Building Construction

Landscape Elements



Use and Impact


A review undertaken in the early stages of the research to look at the specific environmental, economic and silvicultural impacts of the use of roundpole in Scotland. This work was commissioned to seek to understand the similarities and differences between the Scottish context and the other partner countries.

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Use and Impact

Usage of Roundpole in Scotland: 

A Review of Current Activity

This report details the findings of market research performed in Scotland during May 2000 to assess current levels and modes of roundpole usage, and to identify opportunities for development.


A sample of around 50 interviewees was selected representing a range of interests including architects, designers, specifiers, structural engineers, builders, Local Councils, Government Agencies, community groups, NGOs and partnerships, and research institutions. Feedback was obtained on past, current and future initiatives; barriers and issues were identified, as were opportunities for development.


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Usage of Roundpole in Scotland:  A Review of Current Activity

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Project Management



The publications and information pages were edited by Sandy Halliday and others at Gaia Group Scotland. Contributions from all the project partners are gratefully acknowledged.

Mari Hautala, Sodankyla Municipality, Finland

Sandy Halliday, GaiaResearch, Scotland -


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