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The research has highlighted opportunities to replace existing standard building elements with roundpole equivalents.

The research undertaken on the COCE (Composite Construction Elements) project was to design an element which could compete with a Bison type precast concrete slab. See image, right, showing the completed prototype under test loading conditions.

The research undertaken under the INFRA (Industrial Frame) project investigated opportunities to compete with a standard steel portal frame with Z purlins and steel sheeting.

During the course of the research it became clear that almost every element in construction has, at one time or another, been constructed using roundpole.

In addition to straightforward elements such as rafters and purlins, portal frames and trusses, the illustrations show some of the less well known examples of the application of roundpole in construction.


Composite Floor Slab
(source: Planterose)
The illustration shows the designed concrete and roundpole slab which was built and tested at Northwoods Construction, Ullapool as part of the COCE project.
Lattice Roof
(source: Gaia)
Roundpole rafters / purlins bolted together in a lattice, slightly arched form a large span structural roof over the central space of Westminster Lodge at Hooke Park.
Whole Building
(source: Gaia)
The illustration shows an example of the use of roundpole for roof cladding, solid walls, flooring and supporting beams and columns, albeit on a tiny rural shed.
Non-Machined Panels
(source: Gaia)
The illustration shows an example of the use of non-machined roundpole for a range of elements including columns, inclined wall and roof panels, as developed by Prof. Natterer.
Brettstapel Machined Panels
(source: Gaia)
The Natterer system has been refined and developed into an industrial process using pse timber in what are known as Brettstapel panels which are dowel joined and can be used for walls, floors and roofs.