COCE - Composite Construction Elements

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Lead Partner


Gaia Architects



Buro Happold,

Northwoods Construction


To identify opportunities for the use of roundpole as part of a composite building element.


Summary of Report

  • The review of opportunities for a composite element focused on the potential for a concrete/ roundpole precast floor unit.

  • The first choice for the application of the prototype was in the CSCT headquarters offices, however the postponement of this project mean that other options were then investigated.
  • Optimum sizes and spans were established.
  • A prototype was specified and engineered, then constructed and tested in Ullapool by Northwoods Construction.
  • Applications for the use of the prototype were developed as part of the floor of a house to be built in Glencoe, in the Northern periphery area.
  • Potential production methods for the element have been investigated.
  • Further development of the prototype is being pursued via the CRAFT research scheme, by Gaia Architects.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Initial Project Development
3. Key Areas of Investigation
4. Development of Spreadsheet for Optimising the Design of the Composite Panel
5. Testing Schedule for the Composite Panel
6. Design, Construction and Testing of the Composite Panel
7. Design Application at Glencoe
8. Conclusions