INFRA - Industrial Frame Structures

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Lead Partner


Gaia Architects



Buro Happold,

Northwoods Construction



To develop a design for a roundpole structural system to compare with a standard steel portal frame in a typical industrial building.

Summary of Report

  • The design of an industrial frame for a client in Scotland moved forward the discussion on the efficiency and cost of the proposal.
  • The application of the principals were then developed on a further building in Scotland to both a modelled and a calculated stage and the results are recorded. The project proved to have too many unique constraints to be readily replicable.
  • Optimum sizes and spans were investigated and discussed and further projects were sought for a possible prototype. Those identified - including a boat building shed in Ullapool - proved again to have too many unique factors.
  • It was decided that the best way to develop the project was to design a hypothetical - but relatively standard industrial shed, in order to be able to cost out the likely production implications.
  • It should be noted that this work represents only an outline design for a building and not full construction information. However, it seeks to provide some engineering to the proposed building, to demonstrate that a roundpole building is indeed viable.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Mark 1 Design at CSCT, Scotland
3. Mark 2 Design at Glencoe, Scotland
4. Mark 3 Design - Standard Hypothetical Design
5. Conclusions