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The use of Roundpole is often seen as a “rustic” or rural technology, however there are examples of its use in urban contexts such as the new Oslo airport car park entrance where it has been used precisely for it’s high quality artistic finish.

A key issue in street furniture with regard to roundpole relates to the permanence of the structures and thus the detail of the foundations.

Where smooth or essentially flat surfaces are required, such as table and chair top surfaces, and where split poles are not sufficient, the use of poles cab beneficially be combined with other materials.

Signboard Framework
(source: Gaia)
The decorative use of roundpole with chamfered ends to support conventional sign boards in a remote area in Finland.
Bench Seats
(source: Kristoffersen)
Sketch design for seating by John Kristoffersen as part of the initial TICS research work.
Entrance Gates
(source: Nils Torp)
Dramatic use of roundpole in the creation of an entrance ‘gateway’ to an airport car park in Norway.
Waste Bins /
Bin compound
(source: Eble)
Roundpole structure with sawn board cladding forming a simple waste / re-cycling bin compound at a new housing project in Germany.
Lamp Posts
(source: Gaia)
Sketch proposal for street lighting support apparatus which could be developed into a number of possible uses and forms.