TICS - Tourist and Informal Structures


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Lead Partner


Gaia Architects



Buro Happold,

Northwoods Construction,

Kimmo Kuismanen Architects



To identify opportunities for the use of roundpole for Tourist and Informal Constructions.

Summary of Report

  • Whilst reference is made in this report to marketing issues, the reader is directed to the separate Market Research in Scotland Report, and to the Finnish and Norwegian projects which also involve an element of Marketing.
  • This sub-project turned out to be the biggest area of work, with a number of the ideas and issues raised in the initial discussions were developed within the remits of other research projects.
  • The existing established market for roundpole informal structures in Finland was acknowledged, with much lesser activity in Scotland and Norway. It was felt that the design opportunities were infinite and that use of roundpole in these circumstances would be best encouraged by a study of the jointing systems associated with TICS structures. To this end the JICS project was set up and subsequently formed the core of this investigation.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Initial Design Development
3. Diversification of Research Efforts
4. Marketing Opportunities
5. JICS Joints in Informal Structures