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Lead Partners

John Kristoffersen Arkitektkontor AS

According to Timetable we should, during august 99, report on Background & Methodology. Research & Market definition.

In order to found the basis of the report we have designed a concept on SNOW, WIND & NOISE FENCING (SWAN-F) that aims to be optimal, considering both economy, aesthetics and easy handling.

Background & Methodology

Our purpose is to present an object consisting round poles that can be produced by smaller industrial companies located close to the Saw Mills and others using timber in larger amount. Through discussions with producers we should be able to optimise the qualities of undressed round poles for different use by ordinary people as well as the establishment.

The product should be easy handling and also easily adaptable in the environment, adjustable to different terrain formation.

Research & Market Definition

Noise fencing in Norway is an issue/task for the authorities, while snow and wind fencing is partly regarded to be a private matter.

The noise fencing may therefore be given a slightly more "robust" design than the snow and wind fencing where as the buyers/users should be able to easily move the fence in situ to find the optimal positions for the purpose.

Our experience on the local climate tells us that wind fencing during the summer often is opposite to the needs for snow fencing during the winter.

Through discussions with possible producers we have agreed on the fact that transportation of raw material is one of the greater cost parameters.

We have been in contact with the head organisations of the forest owners (Norges Skogeierforbund) and the manufacturing companies Norske Skog/Forestia and Trelastindustriens Landsforbund, who all expressed their support to everything that could increase the use of timber.

The local Forest Owners Organisation tells us the they could produce more of the round poles if they were better paid. Due to the price level of today, they are not delivering sufficient raw material for their closest partner, Målselvbruket, who produces fence poles as impregnated and calibrated poles.

We have been talking to the management of Målselvbruket, and they are willing to support us in the making of a test model probably at low or even no costs.

Preliminary Sketches

The sketches are based on three main concepts.

  1. Using non-impregnated horizontal poles as wind and snow fencing in private gardens etc.
  2. Using non-impregnated vertical poles as staves as used in ancient Norwegian structures.
  3. Using non-impregnated horizontal poles as noise fencing.

Besides the use of round pole, the concepts (A & C) is partly based on aluminium profiles, and regarding this issue we have had discussions with a local industrial company, Tromsø Stålindustri. They are also finding the concept interesting, and we will go on with further detail-oriented talks with them.

We hope to have a model of the wind & snow fencing ready for in situ testing during the late autumn and winter.

The same concept as used in alt. B is also shown further developed as shelter for buss-stops and as shelter for bicycle parking.

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