Research Projects


A brainstorming session identified a long list of possible projects. From the long list, a short list was developed, which included specific aims and objectives and timescales. The overall timescales and contracts were then developed based on this information and this formed the basis of subsequent meetings and design development. The information formed the basis for development of a catalogue of roundpole products.

  • SWAN - Snow Wind Noise Fencing
    John Kristofferson Arkitektkontor
    To investigate opportunities to improve the usefulness of our outdoor areas by conscious use of fences related to the local climate effects.

  • INFRA - Industrial Frame Buildings
    Gaia Architects
    To develop a design for a roundpole structure that would substitute for a portal frame in a typical industrial building.

  • EGLU - Environmentally Sound Glues
    Gaia Architects
    To identify environmentally sound glues for Roundpole construction and develop some typical detail applications.

  • TICS & JICS - Tourist/Informal Constructions& Products & Nature Path
    Gaia Architects & Kimmo Kuismanen Arkkitehtitoimisto
    To develop, to concept design, a range of ecological tourist buildings and products in roundpole. These buildings should be used at ski- and hike resorts, natural parks, snow mobile trails or at camping grounds and parking places. Natural materials and treatments will be used.

  • COCE - Composite Construction Elements
    Gaia Architects & NorthWoods Construction
    To identify opportunities for the use of roundpole as part of a composite building element.

  • LIFE - Low Impact Foundations
    Gaia Architects
    To develop and test a system for small scale piled foundations using round poles

  • BRIDGES- Light Bridges
    Regional Council of Lapland
    Undertake a preliminary assessment of the application of a bridge family of Roundwood

  • PILOTTI - Experimental Building Pilotti iv
    Kimmo Kuismanen Arkkitehtitoimisto
    To make a proposal and develop the concept for an experimental building (for education and computer working on the shore of the River Kitinen for Acta Systems Ltd.) to test possibilities & practices of roundpole building.

  • PLAY - Ecological Playground Equipment
    Kimmo Kuismanen Arkkitehtitoimisto
    To develop a concept design for an ecological playground where natural materials and treatments are used. Nature elements (water, wind, light and earth) are thought to be essential with play itself.