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Whilst the use of roundpole for bridges is fairly uncommon, the examples on this page show the variety of types and scales of use where it has proven to be able to make a valuable contribution.

In rural areas, where import of materials and labour may be difficult and add expense, the ready availability, low cost and good workability of roundpole make it a prime candidate for use under certain circumstances.

As with all construction, a problematic issue to overcome is jointing. A range of jointing solutions are illustrated here and under the JIC project.

Certain smaller scale bridges are included under the ‘Paths and Small Bridges’ Section.

Crannog Bridge
(source: Reforesting Scotland
Roundpole Alder stilts support the roundpole bridge and Crannog at Loch Tay. The alder stilts simply rest in the silt at the bed of the Loch.


Bridge at Sodankylä
(source: Kuismanen)
A 3-D image of the bridge built as a prototype by the Finnish team responsible for the ‘Bridges’ research project.


Simple Bridge without Sides
(source: Gaia)
Many more tracks could use bridges similar to this Finnish example, such as in wetland settings or where the ground should be protected from excessive trampling.
Banana Bridge
(source: Gaia, Buro Happold)
This is a theoretical application of a truss design developed for the initial version of the Drumchapel Sports Centre.


Hooke Park,
A-frame Bridge
(source: Gaia)
The bridge adjacent to the A-Frame House reflects the structural logic of the house