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There has been a significant tightening of regulations on wooden play equipment recently. This means that designs must comply with European legislation which limit hazards associated with trapping fingers and picking up splinters, etc

This will mean that roundpole for use in play equipment will need to be either very carefully selected or machined to get rid of the uneven parts of the timber.

The avoidance of CCA treatment in children’s play equipment is being led by the Finnish Company Lappsett - and this will inevitably become a key issue within the increasing concerns of health and safety and the subsequent tightening up of regulations.

Mass Log Forms
(source: Gaia)
Closely spaced poles driven into the ground to form, in this case, seating and a retaining wall, but equally useful for all manner of walls and boundaries for play.
Organic Pole
(source: Gaia)
A more organic use of poles to create a raised platform with a ‘den’ underneath.
Play Structure
(source: Lappsett
Machined roundpole used as part of a successful commercial design for play equipment, made in Finland.
Swings & Slides
(source: Kuismanen)
Designs for a roundpole only construction using lashed and bolted joints, as described in the ‘Play’ research project.
Play Complex
(source: Lappsett
Roundpole is used in many ways to provide a wide variety of forms.