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It was decided at the outset that the projects should all seek to avoid, wherever possible, the use of toxic treatments in any roundpole structures.

The traditional method of preserving wood against rot or decay is to treat it with CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenic). The alternative is now to use Borax based substances - however given that this is a water based technique there are issues.

The study of treatments was undertaken in Finland - as a special study - similar to that undertaken for Glues by Gaia Architects in Scotland.

Species Selection
(source: Gaia Research)
Material selection is one of the simplest ways to avoid the need for treatment since the heartwood of some species is naturally durable and needs no further treatment.
Avoidance by Detailing
(source: Buro Happold)
The second principal method of avoidance is by detailing timber elements such that they
Impregnation with CCA
Impregnation with Borax
Brush Applications
(source Glasurit)