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Huts are the traditional examples of buildings to take human habitation made out of roundpole, whereas the teepee is an obvious reference to the pole and hide constructions of the native Americans.

More recently roundpole has been used as the basis of tourist tent-type structures by Charles Gulland - a former student of Hooke Park.

The Lappset Play Equipment Company have examples of covered seating areas as part of their range of products and it is easy to see a potential for the use of roundpole in bus and bicycle shelters and other weather protecting structures.

(source Kuismanen)
A typical hut shelter constructed of roundpole throughout, except for a board roof for waterproofing.
(source Kuismanen)
Teepee using roundpole both as primary structure and, in its split form, as cladding.
Covered Seating
(source Lappset
Machined roundpole used as primary structure for informal structures.
Wigwam as Tourism Tent
(source Gulland)
A modified, four-sided teepee design using a tensioned pole frame, cladding and incorporating windows, door, insulation and heating.

(source Gulland)
A larger example of the various pole framed structures designed and built by Charles Gulland in Scotland.