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Roundpole in Building

This research was funded by the European Union (ERDF), the Regional Council of Lapland, Ministry of Interior, the municipalities of Utsjoki, Inari and Sodankyla and the partner companies.

The project was part of the European Union Northern Periphery Program, which aims to mitigate the economic and social disadvantages posed by peripherality of communities within the Northern Periphery Zone. The partners were from Scotland, Norway and Finland.

The aim of the project was to increase the usage of small dimensioned roundwood in all countries involved in the project. The justification for this was seen in the need to encourage thinnings and more value added uses of small dimensional timber in general. The main issue was to identify potential products that could be developed using roundpole.

The complete findings are available at the Roundpole website

Summary Findings

Applications identified included housing and accommodation, public buildings; farm buildings; informal structures; paths; bridges; fencing; playground furniture; other uses of roundpole, both in the round and machined. Examples provided ranged from visitor centres and demonstration structures to path edgings, fence posts to rugby posts. Several non-round applications were also identified, including sawn timber of various dimensions and chippings for cattle corral filtration systems.

Many products were built including bridges, composite panels and small recreational buildings. They and others have potential for further implementation and development.

It was notable that whilst basic factors in each country have some similarity, differences are also apparent. These differences include the existing markets for roundpole which are more developed in Finland and Norway then in Scotland. Also forestry practise differs enormously and a Report on the Use and Impact of Roundpole in Scotland is highly informative in this regard.

The research outputs, including the development of a network of interested parties, will make a contribution to advancing the debate and action in the Northern Periphery and in planning for future roundpole use within the framework of a sustainable, ecologically sound silviculture and built environment.

Details of a further study into timber and lime based alternative mass composites may be found here: TILIA

A network of contacts is being developed and further information can be found by emailing

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