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  Research & Innovation
Case Studies
Low Allergy Housing
Development of an affordable low allergy building specification that avoids, where possible, known and suspected allergens and minimises the conditions in which they can have an adverse impact.

Animal Architecture
An investigation of the building behaviour of animals and its relevance to human construction activity.

Solar Air Conditioning
A feasibility study of cooling technology using solar thermal power focussing on solar desiccant.
Dynamic Insulation
Monitoring of the performance of the first major building in the UK to use dynamic insulation with respect to energy & indoor environmental implications.

Roundpole Construction
Investigation of business development and sustainable resource management opportunities in Finland, Norway, Scotland.
Low Environmental Impact Building with Timber and Lime-Based Alternative Mass Composites.

Autonomous Technologies
An investigation of opportunities to reduce inefficiency & waste by using autonomous technologies for energy & waster provision and waste management.

Research & Innovation

Our aim in the area of technical innovation is to promote construction ecology - benign, affordable, manageable and reliable construction & operation. This is based on clean technology and healthy material selection within the context of sound ecological design. We aim to undertake innovative research, which builds on practical foundations and problem solving rather than problem avoidance. Gaia Research has a sound basis in technical aspects of construction with work in material specification, membrane science, building monitoring, environmental engineering, and building services. We undertake a variety of work from desk and computer modelling studies to building monitoring. Where appropriate and cost-effective we use external consultants to enhance our ability to provide the best possible technical information. We have built up a reliable network of specialist sub-consultants. We disseminate through lectures, seminars, relevant journals and in-house publishing.


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