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Case Studies

Daylighting in Sports Halls.
Guidance to building designers and clients on the uses of day light in sports halls and its integration with other services.

Norwegian Schools.
Gaia Group undertook a "Study Tour" of several schools in Norway. This link takes you through a slide show of the schools visited.

On behalf of SCI Scotland we investigated the idea of attaining 'Type Approval' for the Earthship design and made recommendations on how best to proceed.

Sustainable Rural Housing
A commission from the Scottish Executive to identify examples of the innovative design of good quality rural housing using sustainable development principles, then through study of their case histories to draw lessons of a generic and specific nature concerning the barriers that such innovation faces & the means to overcome these barriers.

Sustainable Construction and the Regulatory Framework
A thinkpiece on the Scottish Regulatory framework in the light of the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 in which supporting sustainable development became a fundamental requirement.

UK Passive Solar Programme for Non-Domestic Buildings
Appraisal includes performance assessments, testing & modelling, design advice services and case studies for day lighting, natural ventilation & solar gain.

Future National Initiatives in Sustainable Construction
An investigation across twelve countries of the future of the construction industry as a consequence of the emergence of sustainability as a cultural concern.

Review of Eco-Labelling
A research commission funded by IKEA & the International Federation of Interior Designers into the labelling of materials for buildings. Much of this is now incorporated into the CPD series.

Information & Desk Studies

Gaia Research is well positioned to provide research and information on a wide range of factors concerned with sustainable construction.

We undertake research studies to identify, appraise, validate and consolidate contemporary information and to disseminate it via publications, workshops, conference papers and seminars.

With a long history and excellent international connections in sustainable development issues we are able to bring a perspective that addresses the earliest origins and the subsequent milestones.

We have undertaken substantive work for the building regulatory bodies in England and Scotland. Through our network in Gaia International we have a wide body of knowledge of international issues including emerging regulation, appraisal methods and best practice.

We incorporate an international perspective in all our work and keep ahead of the field through regular visits to other countries, organising working tours to view best practice.

This information proves invaluable to our many private clients looking to plan and future proof against emerging trends.


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