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Scottish House

A review of recent experience in building individual and small groups of houses with a view to sustainability, the use of traditional and new materials, and innovative design

The Scottish House report was commissioned by the Scottish Executive Central Research Unit.   Sustainable development is now a central aspect of government policy in Scotland and guidance on appropriate design responses could have widespread benefit for architectural design in rural environments.

A report is available that brings together information and exemplars gathered from a range of individuals and representative bodies including Scottish architects and planners, Scottish Homes, Historic Scotland, SNH, Forestry Commission and manufacturers.

Case studies illustrate leading-edge design solutions and use of innovative materials and features.  

This study suggests that the development of more sustainable housing in rural Scotland could contribute substantial benefits to the environment in general, encourage innovation in the Scottish building industry, improve design quality, and provide genuine benefits to the rural environment and rural development process. The principles have the potential to be applied to the development of low-specification, affordable rural housing.   The report considers planning, building control, building systems, material & procurement policies and many other issues concluding with recommendations for possible changes to the planning and regulatory systems.

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