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Sustainable Construction and the Regulatory Framework

The Building Scotland Act 2003 made furthering sustainable development an underpinning requirement of the building regulations.

In Scotland there is a need to identify, embrace and promote those mechanisms which have allowed best practice to be delivered such that it can become more typical of practice.   The principal outputs of the research are the identification of areas where the regulations could be expanded to take fuller account of the requirements of sustainable development and policy recommendations for amendments to the standards.

An extensive survey of building regulations and best practice in other countries has revealed a number of specific measures that should be adopted in the short term by the Buildings Standards Agency in order to promote sustainable construction. Particular attention is drawn to regulation and practice in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands which appear to be significantly advanced in this area compared to the UK.

The procurement of this research work at the time when the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 was being drafted presented real problems and opportunities. There was inevitably a lack of clarity in relation to the status and relevance of the existing framework and of the Technical Standards. However there was also the opportunity for appropriate and timely inputs to aid development of an overall regulatory framework within which sustainable development can be encouraged.

The report details the key requirements for the promotion of sustainable construction, which are recommended to the Building Standards Agency as a framework for prioritising the development of suitable functional and performance standards.

Copies of the summary and the full report are available here (in pdf format): Summary Report and Full Report(1.2 Mb)


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