Gaia Architects

How we work


Gaia innovate through an ongoing and simultaneous process of research, design, construction, evaluation, dissemination and training. We are increasingly involved in capacity building in the private and public sector through partnering or assisting in the delivery of real projects. We combine architecture, engineering, landscape, community consultation and, masterplanning services. Our aim is to constantly innovate to push forward sustainable design of buildings and places.

Research Services

Our cutting edge is underpinned by research that embraces blue sky thinking and prioritising the functional expectations of clients and users.

Our research ranges from animal architecture and solar cooling to health and well-being, environmental modelling, economic appraisals, best value and best practice and policy development to assist to improve standards.

Design Services

Gaia offers a full range of feasibility, architectural, project management and landscape services to suit masterplanning and building requirements. We specialise in community consultation and participation to assist in setting project objectives and in brief development. Our scope of services includes housing, schools, commercial, tourism, leisure and academic buildings. We have led the field in developing benign specification as a means of risk management for ourselves and our clients.


Gaia retain a lifetime interest in our projects. We are committed to evaluate and report on the result of innovative strategies and have linked research and design projects together in order to facilitate this.


Gaia publish extensively in our own right and through client networks and commercial publishers.

Training Services

Gaia's research base and our practical experience in the delivery of exemplar healthy, resource efficient buildings that offer best value projects brings real added value to training. Unlike many traditional training consultancies we bring extensive experience and knowledge to assist in project and policy delivery for public and private sector development.

Capacity Building

Gaia are increasingly called upon to assist clients and design teams in delivering projects. Our support in setting briefs and establishing benchmarks is re-enforced through real time guidance as projects progress through scheme and detail design. Our own experience in design and delivery is invaluable when it comes to setting and reviewing tenders and assisting that the sustainability agenda is maintained to delivery and handover with appropriate guidance to users, managers.