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Construction CPD -
Comments from Delegates

Delegate feedback

  • The day was excellent from the point of view of a developer.
  • I look forward to attending future seminars!
  • A good day. Hope you will repeat it and "roll it out" for others.
  • Well done.
  • Very happy!! - You have given me more than enough to think about!!
  • It was a good day, and I valued the chance to discuss issues with others e.g. over lunch etc. Thank you.
  • M & E institutes should make this course compulsory.
  • Many thanks Sandy, a great day - worth the travel time. Looking forward to the next 10.
  • Best value CPD ever.

Specific aspects of the agenda

  • Workshops were great : being able to use the stuff we learned while it was still fresh in our heads - meant we got LOADS out of it!!!
  • Great day for discussion and feedback. Workshops and Q&A good.
  • Sessions and buzzing good.
  • Gokai's tutorial in the workshop session was very practical and informative.


For further information contact:
Sandy Halliday on 0131 558 7227, or e-mail

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