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  Construction Process & Policy
Case Studies

Client Guides to Sustainable Offices, Schools, Private Housing and Social Housing
A commission from the Scottish Executive through Sust.: The Lighthouse on Sustainability to produce consultation documents on sustainable procurement.

Gaia Research initiated and then worked with the RIAS to develop an accreditation scheme for environmental designers.

Sustainable Design Advice
Assistance to clients in developing and implementing sustainable development policies for business operation of building projects.

East Riding Authority
Development of a Sustainable Construction Policy for this forward thinking Local Authority

Green Guide to the Architect's Job Book
The green Guide should sit alongside the Job Book as an environmental aide memoire to management of the construction process from inception to demolision and beyond.

The Environmental Code of Practice for Buildings and their Services
The Code identifies key issues and mitigation strategies at all stages of a building life cycle from inception through design, product selection, tendering, occupation and demolition.

Assisting Highland Council in developing a brief for a sustainable school.

RIAS Environmental Statement
Gaia Research and Gaia Architects produced the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Policy and an i

Construction Process & Policy

Gaia Research is able to assist clients, designers, owners, occupiers, managers, suppliers, contractors & cost professionals to develop buildings that are resource efficient, healthy and manageable in the long term.

We work on a consultancy basis on specific projects or to assist in setting out strategic approaches.

We have been closely involved in establishing an accreditation scheme for sustainable design - the first such scheme in the world.

We have also written a number of guidance documents include case studies, a client's guide, policy & implementation tools, an Environmental Code of Practice for building services and a supplement to the Architects' Job Book. These documents highlight interventions [at all stages from inception to refurbishment and ultimate demolition & recycling] that can help to reduce adverse environmental impact. All start from a premise that sustainable buildings should be attractive, good quality, efficient, functional and healthy.


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