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Green Guide to the Architect’s Job Book

Sandy Halliday

This guide aims to bring the Architect’s Job Book up-to-date by introducing its readership to management of environmentally sound practice.

It will be of interest to practitioners who are already using environmentally sensitive procedures. They will benefit from a more integrated and systematic approach.

For those who are not implementing green design it will enable them to do so within existing, understood frameworks.

The book is available from:-

RIBA Publications,
1-3 Dufferin Street
London EC1Y 8NA
Tel:-0207 496 8383
email orders:-

Paperback 34 pages Code 17550 Cost: £10.00 sterling + P & P.

The project was sponsored by the DETR through its Partners in Innovation Scheme.

Green Guide to the Architect’s Job Book


The first edition of The Architect’s Job Book was published in 1969 with an aim “to assist architects to translate design into a finished building within time and cost constraints”. The intervening three decades has seen many changes to building technology, forms of contract and procurement methods and, importantly, to the way that the impact of buildings on the environment is perceived. Contractual, technological and procurement changes have been addressed by subsequent editions of The Job Book, enabling it to maintain its applicability to any building or procurement method. Consequently it continues to fulfil it purpose and remains an essential aide memoire for practising architects and students. However, increased awareness of the environmental impact of buildings and construction processes remains unaddressed. It is timely that this aspect of professional practice is embraced.

The project fits within a range of construction process work undertaken by Gaia Research, Gaia Architects and Gaia Planning.

In addition to providing best practice environmental guidance, Gaia Research is working with the DETR, professional institutions and accreditation bodies, to develop a Sustainable Construction CPD and is developing with others on:

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