desirable, affordable, sustainable social housing

Leslie Court, Fairfield, Perth

Client: Fairfield Housing Co-operative

The design for the 18 new flats took a 'passive' and bio-climatic approach to saving energy, using a sun scoop form that also provides shelter from the wind. A low floor to wall ratio, high levels of insulation and small north facing windows reduce heat loss within the development.

Ecological considerations were applied in the selection of materials. These included the selection of timber, impregnated with borax rather than CCA, with organic and low solvent paints, and screw rather than nail fixing to allow the timber floors to remain intact when uplifted or reused. Use of moisture-transfusive walls with cellulose insulation on the inner skin of the timber frame construction provided moisture control without the use of a vapour barrier
 and promote a healthy indoor climate.

The principles of a healthy indoor climate applied at Leslie Court were developed further at Toll House Gardens.