Gaia Architects

Permaculture Masterplan optimised for Passive Solar Gain

Wellington Street Master Plan, Kirkwall

Client: Orkney Housing Association

Gaia was asked to prepare a masterplan for Wellington Street, Kirkwall. Proposals included a consideration of associated community facilities. Housing type, range and density were considered and related to known local needs and staged development matched to local labour and skills.

Climatic design and an ecological approach to landscaping and access arrangements evolved along permaculture guidelines to make best use of solar energy for internal and external comfort. The design proposals included stringent performance targets for build quality, energy and resource use and affordability.
This process involved establishing a sustainable development policy for the project, an extended stakeholder consultation and the identification of funding opportunities.
Off site issues such as resource procurement and contract management were addressed and included proposals to assist with evaluation of the project – including a post-occupancy evaluation community audit of quality of life - by the Client and other stakeholders as the process developed.

The project was recently commended by Communities Scotland.