Gaia Architects

low impact construction

Straw Bale Office, Dunning

Client: Raymond & Jean Young

The 30 m2 building features a curved glulam roof on eight poles braced with stainless steel shipping fixings. None of the timber is treated, and it is properly and finely detailed so that all areas such as the raised floor platform receive adequate ventilation to prevent deterioration. The building is unheated.

The client required a new small office space in his garden, to be as 'green' as possible.

The project was developed using almost entirely local, natural and reclaimed materials - larch poles (used in the round), turf and soil from the garden, untreated sheep's wool insulation, straw bale walls covered in lime harling and limewash, sharpened hazel twigs, clay-straw mix filling, reclaimed douglas fir floor boards, reclaimed woodwool, reclaimed window casements from the demolished shed and even the as found gaspipe offcut that serves as window.