Gaia Architects

an inner city ecological culture square, based on ecology and local governance

Hausmania Ecological Pilot Project, Oslo

Client: Hausmania West Bank

In autumn 1999, derelict buildings along Oslo's water network at Hausmannsgata were occupied by an arts group. In 2004, in response to a threat to sell the site for demolition and redevelopment Gaia were asked to facilitate an alternative proposal.

The artists wished to produce a counterplan to show the value of the maintaining and developing the area. For one week, the users of Hausmania participated in a workshop with GAIA architects, municipality employees and politicians to agree on a common proposal for the development.

The outcome was the Municipality giving the green light, to the development of Hausmania square including the rehabilitation of rehearsal rooms, cheap apartments and new stages indoors and outdoors.. Hausmania has since become a living part of Oslo's cultural scene. The complex contains the Theatre of Cruelty, galleries, a cinema, a multifunction hall, a café, dark rooms, indoor skate hall and the Culture Working place Humla. Cheap studios, rehearsing rooms, recording studios and other facilities are rented out.