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The following is a selection of publications, papers and research reports.

Please enquire about any other publications in the CV which are of interest and we will try to be of assistance.

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Sustainable Construction Modules

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  • Module 1: Materials Selection,
  • Module 2: Lighting and Daylighting,
  • Module 3: Water and Sewage Management,
  • Module 4: Heating
  • Module 5: Environmental Legislation and Policy
  • Module 6: Ventilation and Cooling Strategies
  • Module 7: Renewable Energy
  • Module 8: Sustainable Construction Drivers
  • Module 9: Site Issues and Construction Processes
  • Module 10: Low Impact Construction
  • Module 11: Electrical Installations
  • Module 12: Post-Occupancy Evaluation
  • Module 13: Cost Issues
  • Module 14: Appraisal Tools & Techniques
  • Module 15: Urban Ecology

Solar Air Conditioning

  • C.B. Beggs and S. Halliday, A Theoretical Evaluation of Solar-Powered Desiccant Cooling in the United Kingdom, Building Services Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 20 No.3, p113 118, 1999
  • P. Mavroudaki, C.B. Beggs, P.A. Sleigh, S.P. Halliday, The Potential for Solar Powered Single-Stage Desiccant Cooling in Southern Europe, Applied Thermal Engineering 22 p1129 - 1140 2002
  • S. Halliday, C. Beggs & T. Munner, Is Solar Air Conditioning Feasible?, Building Research and Information, 27(3), p 149-164, 1999
  • S.P. Halliday, C.B. Beggs, P.A. Sleigh, The Use of Solar Desiccant Cooling in the UK: a Feasibility Study, Applied Thermal Engineering, 22 p1327 1338, 2002
  • S. Halliday, Dr. C.B. Beggs, P.A. Sleigh, The Solar Desiccant Cooling Cycle, Paris 2000 Paper
  • S. Halliday, C.B. Beggs, Solar Powered/Gas Hybrid Air Conditioning, CIBSE, 1998

•  S.P. Halliday, Dr. C.B. Beggs, P.A. Sleigh, The Potential for Solar Desiccant Cooling in the UK, Dublin 2000 Paper

•  Gaia Research Desiccant and Solar Desiccant Systems: Guidance Note and Solar Desiccant Calculator CD-ROM, 2000 (The programme is compatible with Windows 95/98/2000 or NT4.0 It is a limited run edition.)

•  Gaia Research, Solar Air Conditioning Technical Assessment & Demonstration: The Feasibility Study, 1998 .

•  Gaia Research, Desiccant and Solar Assisted Cooling - Notes from a Seminar at Warwick University 1998


The Green Guide to the Architect's Job Book

is available from:- RIBA Publications, Tel:-0207 496 8383

email orders:- Priced £10.00 plus p&p

Dynamic Insulation

•  Gaia Research, Dynamic Insulation: Guidance Note, July 2000

•  Gaia Research, Dynamic Insulation Past, Present & Future, July 2000

•  Dynamic Insulation in Practice: Proceedings of a seminar held at McLaren Community Leisure Centre, Callander, November 1998 - £20

  • Gaia Research, Dynamic Insulation in Practice: Guidance Note, Proceedings of a seminar held at McLaren Community Leisure Centre, Callander, Nov 1998 - £20

•  H.L. Liddell, R. Baker, D. Roalkvam, and H. Nettli, Pore Ventilation: Swimming Pools, The Scottish Sports Council, Research Report No.47, 1996. £10

•  H.L. Liddell, R. Baker, D. Roalkvam, and H., Pore Ventilation: Sports Halls, The Scottish Sports Council, Research Report No.43, 1995. £10


Animal Architecture

•  Gaia Research, Animal Architecture, Guidance Note, 2000,

•  Gaia Research, Anarchi - Animal Architecture publ pending,


ECO City

•  Children's Eco-City Video TASC Agency South-East Wedge, Edinburgh 1996*

•  C Morrison, S Halliday, Working with Participation, No 5: EcoCity, A model for children's participation in the planning and regeneration of their local environment, Children in Scotland

•  C. McCulloch, C Morrison, Commonwealth Children's Summit A report on the International Children's parliament, Gaia Research, 1999


  • Gaia Research, Guidance on Environmental Building Design & an Investigation of the Outstanding Principal Needs for Designers, Manufacturers and Cost Professionals, Proceedings of a seminar held at New Parliament House, Edinburgh, 1999

•  Gaia Research, Architecture of habitat: design for life, Philosophical Transaction: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences of The Royal Society, Vol. 355 Number 1728, p 1389 1403, 1997

  • Gaia Group et al, Roundpole in Construction, CD-ROM
  • Gaia Architects, Light Earth Construction, 2003
  • Gaia Research, SEDA, Scottish House: A Review of Recent Experience in Building Individual and Small Groups of Houses in Rural Scotland with a View to Sustainability, the Use of Traditional and New Materials, and Innovative Design, Scottish Executive, Central Research Unit, 2001
  • S.P.Halliday, Review of the Department of Trade and Industry Passive Solar Programme, Part 2: Non-Domestic Buildings, ETSU, 1996
  • H. Liddell, S. Halliday, The Difference Between Involvement and Commitment for Sustainable Community Development, Shelter in Developing Countries, Policy vs. Outcome, p 28 31, 1998
  • Gaia Research, Green Building Materials A Life Cycle Approach, Sports Buildings and Sustainability, The Scottish Sports Council, UIA Sports and Leisure Programme, Seminar 11 12 October 1997, Inverclyde, p 3-5, 1997
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