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Gaia Research specialises as skilled facilitators at project inception, for brief setting, project development and building design.

The practice uses a wide variety of non adversarial assemblies and participant rule setting techniques to encourage full participation and creative discussion in project development.

Non-traditional and creative methods of information gathering and feedback are used to communicate ideas from all sectors of a consultation process. Often this highlights where beliefs and objectives differ and provides a basis for moving forward jointly in problem resolution.

These can prove beneficial in community consultation as well as working with diverse client groups to set project objectives.

Long experience has enabled Gaia to develop a robust model for use with community clients when addressing Agenda 21 strategies.

Case Studies

Children's Eco-City (1996) - Consultant on energy & water related issues for a project aimed at encouraging participation in development & planning of Edinburgh's South-East Wedge.


H2000 (1995) - Independent rappateur in development of this three counties Millennium bid.


Sustainability Game - A participatory tool for use with communities & agencies to communicate the relationships between Environment, Community and Economy in pursuing Agenda 21 strategies


Future National Initiatives in Sustainable Construction (1995) - An investigation across twelve countries of the future of the construction industry as a consequence of the emergence of sustainability as a cultural concern.


Sustainable Development Model (1998) - A sustainable development tool which brings together global issues as set out in Agenda 21 and local issues identified by community consultation.


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