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About Gaia Research ...

Gaia Research provides specialist advice on sustainable design to clients and design teams. This ranges from feasibility studies, guidance and critique to a handholding service from inception to handover and beyond. This has encompassed monitoring and other feedback mechanisms to feed forward into improving design and project management processes. Current and recent commissions include design advice for a major new campus development in Scotland as well as housing, office and school projects. Strengths include community consultation, cost issues, passive design strategies and appraisal tools and techniques to support sustainable design and construction.

Gaia Research has been successful in attracting a diverse range of research funding and has developed a significant portfolio of work in pursuit of construction ecology. This has included design development, monitoring of innovative building design, modelling of clean & renewable technology and numerous desk studies to inform construction professionals and regulators. Current and recent research studies include Affordable Low Allergy Housing, Solar Desiccant Air Conditioning, Performance of Dynamic Insulation, Daylighting of Sports Buildings and Animal Architecture. Desk studies include Sustainable Rural Housing and an international review of Building Regulations in relation to Sustainable Construction.

Gaia Research can provide training and information at all levels in the construction chain from development of more benign products to clean servicing strategies and management of the construction process. They have recently launched Sustainable Construction CPD - a ground-breaking training course and set of guidance documents on sustainable design for clients and all those involved in sustainable development of the built environment.

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