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Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

Centre for Environmental Sciences,

Dundee, University of Abertay

Gaia Research were commissioned to undertake a scoping study into the feasibility of installing renewable technologies into the Kydd Building at the University of Abertay, Dundee.   Located in the city centre and occupied by the Centre for Environmental Services, the Kydd Building was due to undergo renovation of the top floor and roof area incorporating a number of environmentally sound measures.

The study focussed on the scope for developing renewable technologies for the roof of the building, although the benefits larger scale systems were also considered.  

Of primary interest to the report were small-scale rooftop-mounted wind generating systems, photovoltaic systems (both roof integrated and stand alone), solar water heating and passive solar design.   Consideration was also given to demonstration systems, which would present possible research opportunities for the university as well as systems that could raise awareness of renewables to both staff, students and visitors through innovative application.

One of the most interesting outputs from the study was the opportunity for the university to play a key development role in pioneering rooftop-mounted wind generating technologies.   The prominent location of the building was seen as an ideal location for the university to pronounce its commitment to renewable technologies.

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